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IPDecision™ is a full service modern and progressive IP strategy and consulting firm of technical and patent professionals with expertise in R & D, Business & Intellectual Property. We have been successfully serving global Fortune 500 high-tech companies and law firms with a clear mission to help corporations innovate, develop and monetize technologies and intellectual property.

Patent Analysis


Understanding patented technology and gaining market intelligence is crucial in today's competitive innovation environment. IP Decision extracts the underlying potential of patents, technology and market data with an objective of providing actionable information on critical issues and bringing them onto the radar. In times of constant innovation and change, this is precisely what you need for smart, strategic planning and decision making.

Internet of things


We strongly believe in innovation and the "why not" principle. We are always challenging ourselves to improve our products and services for the benefit of our clients. We have integrated IP research and management into the R&D cycle seamlessly, providing opportunities to gain and enhance IP protection while offering the potential to reduce risk and lower costs.



The full integration of competitive knowledge & market information is crucial for successful innovation, preventing duplicative efforts & lowering risk. However, many companies do not have access to cost-effective resources to scan the full legal and market landscape and visualize it effectively. Based on our core competencies we provide a full value chain of services to meet the diverse needs of our clients.


At IPDecision™ our extensive research and experience with top notch firms has helped us in developing an effective mindset to deliver key actionable information. We have devised and executed multiple customizable analysis methodologies approved and endorsed by industry experts that are driven by the specific business needs of our clients.

R & D Roadmap Strategy

We extracts insights from patent that helps in assessing technical feasibility by research group, legal feasibility by legal group, market feasibility by business group and also provide transparency and returns to investors and stakeholders. At IPDecision patent analysis means bringing insights onto the radar, identifying inter-relationships at the grass root level, identifying potential gold mines, as well as emerging, fading, changing and overlapping technical patterns.

Patent Landscape Study

Patent analysis is one of our key strengths. We have unparalleled technical capabilities and patent analysis methodologies, as well as an exceptional understanding of how to interpret and weave patent information with non-patent information such as scientific literature, EPA regulations, product information, clinical trial data, market data, technology standards, etc. Our macro-to-micro patent landscape study delivers a very unique and valuable perspective on a technology and its commercial interests.

Portfolio Optimization & Monetization

Knowing your IP Portfolio is a starting point for effective competitive intelligence strategies, whether for tracking competitor's R&D investment strategies or for M&A due diligence studies. We identifying organization business strategy (OBS) alignment synergy between current patent portfolio and product line to spot new and fading technologies in order to create a platform to commercialize, sell/license-out or abandon strategy.

Patent Litigation Support

There are multiple challenges to high quality prior art searching, including: scattered textual data stored at multiple locations; hidden technical clues in patent drawings; database limitations; multiple foreign languages; increasing number of technical documents; errors in textual data; synonymous technical terms; and evolving changes in patent laws. Our innovative "360° search approach overcome the constantly evolving challenges to data mining and analysis.

Patent Licensing Support

We assess international and technological dominance of a compnay's patent strategy which is crucial by evaluating the relative innovative power and technology dominance (patent strength) within the selected market segment to gain insight into new licensing opportunities, determine how to direct future R&D investments and negotiation power. We also spot the availability of companies that are potentially suitable for licensing or acquisitions.

Innovation Support

We implement analogical reasoning as a mechanism in knowledge acquization as a tool for developing a new potential perspective. "The conservation of scientific enquiry is not an arbitrary thing; it is the freight with which we operate; it is the only equipment we have. We cannot learn to be surprised or astonished at something unless we have a view of how it ought to be; and that view is almost certainly an analogy." (Oppenheimer, 1955, pp. 129-130.)

Enabling Patent-Powered Decision

Spotting the area of your interest to discover macro-to-micro level emerging trends & threats
only possible by Comprehensive, Correct and Clean (C-C-C) dataset

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Some Milestone Works

IPDecision™ contributes to the success of our esteemed clientele by innovating effective processes, products and ideas, and utilizing these innovative ways in powering their clienteles' business decisions.








Repeat Business %

Fact-Based IP Decisions

Assembling information scattered throughout and adding value to that information by
discovering patterns and meaning that would otherwise be overlooked. This newly discovered,
actionable information, in principle, can serve as the basis for better decisions.

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Reports Shelf

    Our studies reveal answers to the underlying question as to why some firms in an industry succeed where others, often with superior resources, fail.

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Patent Analysis

IP & Market Radar

Validate Market Projected Hype Vs. Patent Landscape Perspective

Personal Health Information

Current-Future Prod. Mapping

What MS products are on/coming to the market in future (3-5 yrs.) & who owns them?


Patent Segmentation

Connected Car Technology – V2X Communication

Patent Database

Portfoilo Quality Assessment

IPDecision's Hypothesis Presented @ PIUG Conference 2016, United States

Patent Quality

Potential Overlap Detection

Comparing decoded USD349080 with other design and utility patents

Machine learning

Technical Relative Strength

Car 2x Communication - Theft Monitoring Key Inventions


Portfolio Comparison - SWOT

V2X Communication - Denso vs. Bosch

Artifical Intelligence

Portfolio Optimi. & Moneti.

Patent not in alignment with OBS in portfolio identified for licensing


Sample - Claim Chart Mapping

Patent, Infringing Structure & Infringing Tech. (Product) Mapping

Turning Data into Insights, Insights into Strategy,
and Strategy into Action

IPDecision™ contributes to the success of our esteemed clientele by innovating effective processes,
products and ideas, and utilizing these innovative ways in powering their clienteles' business decisions.

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We are high-quality and cost effective
Supporting R&D, Legal & Business Groups

We provide outstanding and innovative services for the fraction of traditional cost to
American, European & Asian companies.

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We do not charge for initial consultations or for creation of patent search strategies to assess potential project scope and cost, even if it takes weeks to settle on a satisfactory strategy with the client. Our process is fully transparent, often involving multiple stages of quality checks and requests for client feedback before formally executing a patent search & analysis project.

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